Friday, September 20, 2013

On our way!

The first day started early Friday morning when we got in line at 6AM to buy a new iPhone so I would have their new camera on the trip. That was a minor but still interesting adventure on its own - we emerged about three hours later with a shiny new phone.

So three hours later with mission accomplished - we went home and finished packing and off to the airport to sit in the world club a couple of hours with out wine and snacks and doing last minute phone calls and emails.

We did meet one character in the World Club. Eric was until recently when he left the army, a sergeant major. One of 4 in the army - as another man told us on the plane - that's the real leadership of the army - not the commissioned officers... Anyway turns out that at the time of our visit to Korea and the DMZ he was in charge of the DMZ. Small world - he's done some amazing things and didn't mind talking them up a bit. He did 4-5 tours do duty in combat and said "after 911 when everyone said, I wish I could do something, I did, I volunteered..."

Then the 7.5 hour plane ride which would have flown (well, ok, literally it did) by except for the wild child sitting behind us. This kid was about 4 and stayed awake until 10 minutes before we landed - now our kids did that once on the way to Europe but they were quiet and well behaved. This boy alternately bounced against our seat backs, yelled, talked loudly, danced in the aisle bumping into me, climbed back over his mom and kicked my seat back, until finally mom tells him "don't be so loud, I'm trying to read but it's ok to stand up and move around". Really wanted to tell her it was not OK and the rest of the plane was trying to sleep. His father across the aisle totally ignored him and slept most of the way. So that's the only "interesting" character on the airplane story.

"French" wine in a plastic cup from a box...

Upon getting off the plane, we were greeted with this sign

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